Bell Media Cries More Than The Atlanta Falcons Day After Super Bowl Over Ads

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Bell Media Cries More Than The Atlanta Falcons Day After Super Bowl Over Ads

Bell Media Super Bowl Ads


The Super Bowl is done and over with but Bell Media and CTV are crying more than the Atlanta Falcons did after blowing a huge lead going into the 4th quarter. Bell Media recently lost a ruling with the CRTC stating they could not dub Canadian commercials over USA commercials during the Super Bowl and other big events to increase their Ad Revenue. With a sour taste still in their mouths about the upset, they released a news article on CTV stating viewership was down by 39% this year during the Super Bowl on all their channels broadcasting the big game and blamed it on, having to watch American Ads…

Yes that’s right, Bell Media had their news company CTV publish an article about the Viewership and stated it’s because people were forced to watch the USA commercials over Canadian ads. Well I’m sure there were a few households upset over this, a 39% drop is not to be blamed on ads which marketing companies spend 5 million dollars for a 30 second time slot. The same commercials that are just as big as the game itself for the casual viewer. Bell Media should have also went with the fact that Lady Gaga was doing the halftime show and that caused a drop in viewership. Lady Gaga killed it surprisingly but hey, Bell is looking for any pity at this point. Between this and firing an employee for mental health issues right before their ‘Let’s Talk’ mental health campaign, Bell Media seems to think they’re about reputations.

So what else could have caused a drop in viewership in Canada for Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe it’s the fact that TV providers are charging so much these days that people are cord cutting and it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about it. Bell Media has been guilty of not offering their Skinny package that the CRTC made mandatory and people are sick of paying 100$+ per month on service they never fully use. Bell is probably not crying about the data people used to stream the game and went over their allowance and having to pay extra for that. It seems like Bell is using their resources to impact public opinion in their favor which is frowned upon really, maybe people should start boycotting Bell Media products if they want to report on fake news like this.

Super Bowl viewership was down in the United States, this wasn’t just a Canadian issue. This had nothing to do with ad placement but more so the lack of story-lines and competition as everyone loves to hate on the New England Patriots. Lady Gaga was an iffy halftime performance until she knocked it out of the stadium so there was some variables along with the cord cutters that caused this decrease. It’s a bad day for Bell’s reputation when they try to use their own sources to get a public outcry on a ruling that went against them and that should be the real issue here.

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