John Wick 2 – Full Bullets Ahead

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John Wick 2 – Full Bullets Ahead

Keanu Reeves comeback as an action hero is pretty much complete as John Wick 2 was released this weekend and let’s be honest, it’s just as good if not better the first one. At the age of 52, Reeves is becoming the new Liam Neeson but taking the big screen over with some serious violence. A story that picks up from the first movie where John Wick got revenge for the death of his dog and is now after recovering his vintage mustang as it’s revealed his Wife bought it for him as a birthday present. The action scenes start right from the start of the movie and brings you right into the credits with non stop kills, bullets everywhere and even some gory pencils being left behind. For any action lover, John Wick 2 is going to be worth the movie ticket price.


The opening scenes show Wick going for a kill on the streets of New York City, but really filmed in Montreal, in a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle chasing down a guy on the street. As soon as Wick settles his score and gets his beaten up Mustang back, the main plot starts with Wick being pulled into old business that he has to complete to get out of the game. No Dogs, No Cars, just straight violence that takes Wick to Rome and back to Montreal and includes a stop with Morpheus himself, Laurence Fishburne. The story works well with the 2 movies and makes you wonder when the 3rd one will be released.

For the action fans who loved the first movie, this is a must see. For fans of the Matrix, this is a must see. For those who rather not watch bullets and blood, you might want to skip out but let’s be honest, all guys want to see this. There were so many parts where we were in shock with the action scenes and had to almost cheer in the middle of the movie. The setup for the 3rd movie is great but we hope the age of keanu doesn’t catch up to him before the next movie is out. The John Wick franchise has 2 solid movies under it now and that’s a lot more then the Taken franchise can say. Vintage cars, some killer action scenes, really all this movie is missing is a leading lady for Wick to cure his broken heart.

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