Fidget Spinners Seized By Germany – ADHD Adults Cry!

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Fidget Spinners Seized By Germany – ADHD Adults Cry!

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It seems like the wonderful country of Germany has had it for Fidget Spinners. The country that brought us WWII is now looking to start a revolution by destroying 35 tonnes of spinners that were trying to enter the country. Germany Customs seized all the Fidget Spinners claiming they were too dangerous and it looks like they will be the first country to ban Fidgy Spinners. These innocent pieces of plastic with small ball joints that help kids and adults alike with their ADHD are now being banned for no reason. What is Germany up to anyway? What have they given the world recently?


Teens all over the world are probably trying to book flights to Germany to get discounted Fidget Spinners to resell on the black market. Have you seen some of these fidget spinners? From LED lights to gears and spikes, they are a great gimmick. For a cheap toy, it’s surprising no one else has thought of this idea before. They have the Fidget Spinners as well as cubes with different ways to annoy the person next to you. Really though, what’s worse? Someone clicking their pen or someone playing with a colored cube while they are busy thinking?


Ok so we get it, there is a health hazard with the little ball joints inside the spinners which is what caused the great country of Germany to react. Just like every little other toy and plastic bag though, it should be the responsibility of the owner or owners parents to make sure they are handled properly. Glass is dangerous if it breaks but that hasn’t been banned, so why Fidget Spinners?


So where did the Fidget Spinner trend come from? Well the spinner trend looks to have started in May and is already slowing down as the count of searches determine our lives these days. We are still stumped as to what started this trend in May but just like PokemonGo in 2016 (Note: We are still playing), everything that goes up must come down and with the school year ending, it will be interesting to see if the trend continues over the summer or what new cheap toy kids will be buying in a few weeks.

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