Metallica Going Vinyl…With Funko Pops!

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Metallica Going Vinyl…With Funko Pops!

Metallica fans and funko pop collectors both celebrated this week as Funko released the first images of the announced Metallica Pops that are set to go on sale in August. There was questions about which poses and instruments would be displayed as well as a possible limited edition chase edition. Now that the images have shown on the funko blog, fans now believe that these will be released. Get those pre orders ready, here are another 4 Pops to add to your collection of Vinyl figures.

Metallica’s James Hetfield, Lars ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo will have their own pops with James and Roberts standing out the most in our opinions. Hatfield has his famous white guitar with the Metallica logo while Robert has his bass but also features the Metallica ninja star shirt. Hammett has his signature hair which just looks really odd on a pop and the facial structure for Lars makes him look like he’s angry already. Pretty sure this pose is not from the napster era. Either way, we will be getting all 4 for our collection and have them displayed on some make shift stage with some lights and Master Of Puppets playing in the background.

When we heard of the Metallica Pops at the beginning of the year, the big question was would they release a limited edition Chase. A Chase is normally a variant of an existing one so we’re thinking of there is one it’s Hetfield with a different guitar but if we have to be honest, we much rather an additional character. The first ex-band member to come to mind is Cliff Burton, he has always left a void in the band and would be pretty sweet to see. Is it not a variant of Kirk Hammett? If not, we will take a Jason Newsted pop since the era of the band’s image is when newstead was involved. Of course have both would be great as well but we will have to wait until august to figure out if there will be any chases.

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