South Park’s Phone Destoryer is here in Canada

Friday, 23 June 2017 288 views 0 comments

The last thing we needed right before the weekend was South Park’s Phone Destroyer to be released. Thats right, Canada has been picked to start the soft launch for a long awaited Mobile Game featuring all of our South Park favorite characters. The game is a free-to-play app with in app purchases though buying any extra will not help you advance further in the game faster. This was a hugh sticking point since you know, they made a whole episode making fun of in-app purchases and how they fueled the Canadian economy with a Terrance and Phillip game. How ironic is it that Canada gets the game first? Ok its probably meant that way, it’s a good way to redeem yourself after that episode South Park!

The game is actually really well put together right from the start and features plenty of mobile aspects within game. The story starts out the perfect way with referencing them sick of playing different characters and even references ‘Stick of Truth’ before Cartman decides on Cowboys VS Indians. You character will lead the Cowboys and you get to customize what you will look like in the South Park world. The boys then added you to a group message and you character is controlling the battle by being on his phone. Right from the start, you can see that South Park Digital Studios, RedLynx and Ubisoft put the time into making this app feel like you’re in a episode of South Park and the dialogue is great. As soon as you see Pocahontas Randy, you know the game is going to be great. The gameplay is simple and very similar to the Clash Royale, You have a power bar up until 10 and each card you use in battle takes a certain amount of power. Each card, depending on its strength deducts from that power and some characters have a special ability that gets charged up if they last long enough. You can upgrade cards as you collect more items after battles and progress in the game and moving onto other levels. Levels are splits into Episodes and seem to feature boss battles with some of the more popular characters and by just finishing one episode we got to see Jimmy, Sharon as the boss and even Token.

As the game was just released and were still playing it, it will be interesting to see how the replayability. There is a house (menus options are in the form of the neighborhood) that offers PVP but we’ve yet to unlock it. It will be interesting to see if you can play across Mobile Platforms or if you will be locked to your OS. You will need to be on Wi-Fi to download the app as its 115 MB but is well worth the space. One of your first missions, you unlock a ‘OMG You Killed Kenny’ achievement and made us chuckle so hard. Start downloading the game now and get it into the top free apps soon. The game is currently set to release to the rest of the world later on in 2017!

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