RIP Chester Bennington! Those Screams Will Be Highly Missed

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RIP Chester Bennington! Those Screams Will Be Highly Missed

In sad news today, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington was found dead this morning after appetently hanging himself. Bennington was 41 years old and had been known to struggle with Drugs and alcohol addiction as well as admitting suicidal thoughts before after being abused as a child. It's a sad day when one of the biggest rock bands you grew up listening to loses their voice.

Bennington had a unique voice and had plenty of side gigs going between downtime with Linkin Park. He had worked with Stone Temple Pilots and had other bands called dead by sunrise and kings of chaos. His screaming voice will be missed. It was the year 2000 when Hybrid theory and One Step Closer broke out and helped pushed NU-Metal even further into mainstream. Linkin Park was once considered a band following in the footsteps of U2.

In recent tunes, Linkin Park would almost ditch their rock roots and admitted they wanted each album to sound unique and not get stale. With 2 Grammys and over 70 million albums sold, we will all miss Chester’s voice and anger that he can make sound so peaceful. It's s tough way to go but today's date might have played a role in his choice to take his own life. Today would be the birthday of Chris Cornell who took his own life the same way earlier this year. The 2 were good friends and Bennington wrote a heartfelt letter to him after hearing the news. As this come as a shock, knowing this fact makes it all that much creepier. Bennington also sang at the funeral and cornell's wife tweeted about how much more heartbreak she is going thru now knowing her husbands best friend hung himself just like her husband.

Rest in Peace Chester Bennington! I don't know how many times I've sang a lot in the screams of your music!

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