What The Nintendo Switch Needs

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What The Nintendo Switch Needs

It’s been awhile since this many people were excited for a new Nintendo Console. The Switch has been a hit for all the Nintendo fanboys so far and who can blame them with Zelda being a release title. Now the question is what will it take for the Switch to become a hit with the rest of the gamers and help make Nintendo mean something again? It could be more games, more power or even a price drop to help make people want to consider making the leap for a Switch and showing off the latest piece of hardware nintendo is banking a lot on.


The first big thing that Nintendo needs is more software that will appeal to the older generation that grew up on Nintendo. Rocket league is going to be a big selling point but being able to get some of the latest shooters, maybe a fresh Mario Kart game and maybe some more augmented reality games similar to Pokémon Go. The Switch is being pushed as a console that is also mobile and being able to take full advantage of this feature with some of the above games would help sell some more consoles, that’s pretty much what I’m waiting for.


A price drop or promotion would be really helpful as well. Let’s be honest, for 399$ CAD there at stronger systems with more features that you would consider before looking at the Nintendo section. With rumors of the 3DS production being halted, Nintendo wants you to look at the Switch as a handheld system where there isn’t much competition directly but then you consider smart phones and tablets, maybe this isn’t the best option either. Nintendo has to make a smart choice and bundle the system with either more accessories or titles to help make it worth the purchase.


With the CPU power not there, Nintendo is going to need to step it up somewhere else if they want the Switch to sell units like the way the Nintendo 64 and Wii did. The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s going to be make or break time for the Switch. With the likes of the PS4 Pro and Xbox X in the mix, Nintendo has to find a way to get those buyers onto the Switch for it to become successful.

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