FoundMi Bluetooth Tag – Great Idea For When It Works

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FoundMi Bluetooth Tag – Great Idea For When It Works

Bluetooth trackers are becoming more and more popular and FoundMi is looking to capitalize on that. Right now, Tile is the leader in the field but FoundMi looks to change this by addressing one sore point that Tile has, appearance. FoundMi is shaped as popular characters from Star Wars, DC and Marvel so you can add a superhero to your keys and never lose them! Ok this might sound a little childish but let’s be honest, this is a lot better than an ugly white plain square hanging off of your keys. I decided to purchase one to try them out and see if the Bluetooth tag is worth the price.
I found the FoundMi Bluetooth tag in Walmart for $20.00 which seemed cheap to be honest. Though once I thought about it, it’s throwing away $20.00 if this doesn’t work. There were a few different characters to choose from like Batman, Chewbacca and Stormtroopers so I went with Batman. It’s a cute keychain tag really so it wouldn’t hurt to put this on my lanyard to test it out. Once I got home, I opened it from the packing, installed the battery which was as simple as opening up the battery door and sliding it in, than downloaded the app. Once you’re in the app, you connect the tag to your phone’s Bluetooth and name the tag as whatever you want. Setup took about 5 minutes max and I was good to go. The app found my location and used google maps to pinpoint where I was. I was all setup and ready to go.
Just wait though, I had to put this on my keychain and found the first design flaw. the key ring provided to go onto the FoundMi tag is your standard steel ring which doesn’t open wide enough for the plastic loop on the device. Once you open the ring wide enough to fit, the ring is stretched out and disfigured. A material band would work so much better for this, I’m not sure how this passed through in the unit testing.
One of the cool features for those interested is that the keychain also doubles as a selfie remote. You push down on the button which for the batman tag is the bat signal and your picture is taken. The only caveat to this is the fact you have to be in app and in selfie mode for it to work. The remote doesn’t work on your standard camera app like an Apple Watch would. It’s not a huge deal but just make sure to prep your selfie in the right app.
So what was the verdict? Meh while it’s a cool thought to have something different as Bluetooth tag, it’s bulky and you probably wouldn’t use it enough to carry it around daily. I like simplicity for my keys and having the extra weight just wasn’t going to cut it. Maybe a slimmed down version will work but this isn’t a bad idea for a teenager looking to keep track of their house keys. I like the character idea though and FoundMi should look at expanding the options, car brand logos like a Blue Ford Oval or the Mustang logo would make me reconsider adding this tag on my keychain.

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