Say What? MTV brings back TRL

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Say What? MTV brings back TRL

I couldn’t believe the headline when I read it, the teenager inside of me was all excited, TRL is back! That’s right everyone, MTV is looking for play music again as they are bringing back one of their more popular shows, Total Request Live. The show that made Carson Daly a celebrity and feature a set facing over Time Sqaure that played the top pop songs voted by fans. It’s been since November 2008 since the last episode aired but it’s about time MTV embraces Music again. It’s a great thought knowing MTV is going back to their roots but hopefully they will give it time to mature.
MTV is going through a culture shift right now and the pop world is not what it use to be. They are going to have to compete with YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify and who knows what else. It will probably be in MTV’s best interest to team up with one of those services to get their data and get use to bringing in the big pop stars so all the fans in attendance can take their selfies and post their stickers whenever someone visits. It’s also going to take a solid host for the show to help carry the momentum, just it cannot be Carson Daly as the safe bet. He should look at making appearances or having his own segment, if he would like to be involved that is. MTV is going with a 5 host rotation just hopefully one of them will standout and make the show their own.
The show is scheduled to premiere on October 2nd and the first week will be the most important to see if MTV can start recapturing viewers and making themselves relevant again. I will be watching that’s for sure and hope some other MTV shows come back like say what? karaoke, Jackass, celebrity death match, Daria and even MTV2 Control Freak!

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