Brushing Your Teeth In The Shower – Lifehack You Probably Didn’t Think Of

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Brushing Your Teeth In The Shower – Lifehack You Probably   Didn’t Think Of

Going through twitter can sometimes make you think of the oddest things then you realize, why didn’t I think of that. Trends and hashtags come and go and this time around, it was about a life hack then many people probably never even think of, brushing your teeth in the shower. That’s right, why get out of the shower which is rinsing you non stop to brush and rinse your teeth when you can do it all in one spot and save some time and stress. There had to be a reason why sinks and separating the tasks were invented so it was time to put google to the task and figure out why brushing your teeth in the shower isn’t more common.

Just think of the time savings, no need to get out of the shower just to start the sink and find your toothbrush and toothpaste. Just have them in your shower rack, take it out and wet the bristles and put some toothpaste on and go. This might help you properly brush your teeth as you’re not as rushed though this is where dentists start to warn you about brushing your teeth in the shower. They really only have 2 points to be considered, and to be honest, are not even worth the hassle of getting out of the shower to brush.

The biggest concerns are making sure you’re brushing properly and not rushing your whole shower process. Taking the 2 minutes to properly brush your teeth is key and some people might skip it by trying to multitask and miss a tooth or 2. So if you’re going to brush your teeth while under the water, make sure to be aware of your whole brushing technique. This is a life hack by the way and you’re trying to come out ahead, not missing some teeth.

The only other huge concern which might not be something big for everyone is water consumption. We’ve seen the ads and heard the professionals tell us to turn the water off while brushing to save water. If you’re taking a shower and standing there for 2-3 minutes brushing, this is wasting a lot more water then your little faucet. Though this is a life hack meant to save you time and if not being Captain Planet is ok with you, you have our approval to try this life hack. Every guy needs to get more free time these days and this seems like the perfect way to do so.

Keep in mind proper toothbrush storage though as showers tend to stay wet and warm which means the bacteria from your mouth may just harvest without properly rinsing and drying your tooth brush. It’s properly best to keep it outside the shower to be safe but we know guys, we tend to live dangerously

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