iPhone X is missing that X Factor We Loved

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iPhone X is missing that X Factor We Loved

The week is over and everyone is now calming down from the iPhone event by Apple on Tuesday. People are now wondering if they should wait for the iPhone X or just get the iPhone 8. There was the normal 1 and half hour of Apple spokesman trying to convince us what’s new and great for their product lineup and why we should rush out and spend our hard earn money on their products. A new Apple Watch, 2 new iPhone versions and some wireless power charging were the main points as well as some some new tech that is going to be controversial from day 1. When the event was all said and done, we were left wondering if we would break to get the iPhone X. This time around though, it feels like there is something missing with the iPhone, some huge X factor that will make everyone run and wait in line for days to get their hands on one, but what is that missing attention grabber?


Face ID is going to be huge but it might not be huge in the way with thought of yet. This form of authenticating someone to open their phone is not a new idea but has yet to be perfected. This is what Apple does though. They take technology that already exists and throw their resources at it to make it function better and perform smoothly. This is what Microsoft did in the 90’s and early 2000’s before being left behind in the smartphone age. Apple’s faith is almost resting on Face ID as they seen what a slight malfunction costed them on during the event, in the terms of $20 Billion. When the iPhone X gets released in November, Face ID is going to need to be perfect or Apple will have a bigger issue than its stock price. If Face ID works amazing though, watch out world. Facial Recognition will hit mainstream and be inserted to all facets of our lives, the days of passwords and fingerprints may be beyond us if it works…but it’s going to be a big IF.


Face ID is a sensor that’s going to use a lot of software so it’s something new but still not a huge X Factor to run and buy a $1000 USD phone. The all front OLED screen is supposed to be the attention seeker Apple wanted but let’s be honest, other smartphone manufacturers are already doing this and it’s not new. This is where yearly releases hurts Apple as they are no longer leading the way in innovation when it comes to smartphones. Face ID, full screen bodies and wireless charging have already been done and is nothing new. It is nice to see Apple incorporate this into their phones, just the world is wanting Apple to come up with something new and fresh to help get rid of any doubts to upgrade their phones. Animojis and AR are a nice touch just in a few months are going to be ripped off from all Android makers. Just like how Touch ID was supposed to be put into the screen of the phone so you can touch anywhere to unlock your phone. Before Apple could even release, some small phone brand put it to market just to say they were the first ones.


There was also talk of Full Wireless Charging coming from Apple and this would have been the X Factor everyone was looking for. Something new, something that hasn’t been done yet, and something people wouldn’t be able to believe existed, much like a PC in your pocket back in 2007. Apple and a 3rd party are working on wireless charging which offers a 15 foot radius from an outlet where you can walk, use or rest your phone anywhere and it will charge like it was plugged in. This has been demoed at CES and this lead to a lot of speculation that this might be used in this year’s anniversary edition iPhone. This is something that hasn’t been done yet, something new and something that other phone makers haven’t even thought of. To change how we think about charging our phone would make everyone stop and want to upgrade their phones so they are not stuck using a white wire running to the wall.


All in all, the iPhone X will go on for record sales and be in the industry standard to beat. It is a sexy phone and Face ID will be new, have some issues but get resolved quickly by Apple. Though all will seem well in the new Apple spaceship campus, people must be thinking in the back of their mind that Apple needs to start leading the way again in innovation and product launches then sit idle to allow others to catch up. The iPod resurrected Apple, the iPhone Made Apple and the iPad slated Apple on the top. The Apple Watch continues to mature but what exactly is next? What is Apple’s next X factor, just think about that as you look down and unlock your iPhone X!

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