Linkin Park 101 – Time to Reflect

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Linkin Park 101 – Time to Reflect

As we all await an update from Linkin Park and how the plan to proceed with the band, it’s the perfect time to remember those hits that made us all huge linkin park fans. It’s a devastating loss with Chester Bennington gone but the music he made will last generations. Linkin Park was one of those bands what helped everyone at one point and I can only see them trying to find a way to keep going by finding a new lead singer. The Band is going to spin in that it’s not a replacement for Chester, but more so someone to fill the role. Linkin Park was always one of my favorite bands to see live and always knew how to put on a show. This is Toxic Ways Linkin Park 101


When it comes to a band like Linkin Park, it’s hard to narrow down a playlist of 11 Songs that define a band. There are so many different sounds, albums, live stuff and features that you would want to add but really it’s a tough choice to make. I wanted to give some love to each album but that just didn’t work out. I was able to narrow it down to 12 songs because I had to include 2 songs that have been played non-stop since Chester’s death, One More Light as well as Talking to Myself. One More Light was performed by Linkin Park on Jimmy Kimmel as a tribute to Chris Cornell and has some touching lyrics considering what has happened. As for Talking to Myself, the music video was released the day of the death and will be the last music video with all of them together.


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