Papa Roach 101 – Time To Get Deeper Than Scars

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Papa Roach 101 – Time To Get Deeper Than Scars

This week’s TW 101 playlist is from a band I grew up listening to and really never have been sick of. There are only a handful of bands that I could say that about but Papa Roach has always stuck us as one of my personal favorites. Everyone has their Metallica’s, their Guns N Roses and whoever else that is marked as one of those classic metal bands but Papa Roach is one of those personal favorites that people always forget about. From Last Resort to American Dreams, the singles keep being pushed out by the band and continue to make some great rock music. The problem of having a catalog that spans 9 albums which have sold over 20 millions copies to date, narrowing down their top 11 songs to put into one playlist!


Welcome to my top 11 Papa Roach songs. To prep these list I normally go through album by album and pick out my favorite songs then start eliminating ones that seem repetitive or the obvious picks. The playlist started out in the 30s and is now down to the 11 songs that everyone should listen to in order to get a better understanding of Papa Roach. Many of the people who know the name but never really listened to their stuff would know ‘Last Resort’ or ‘Scars’ but there are plenty of other songs that are just as good, if not better. The radio hits are always nice to hear but finding that song you really connect to is always a plus. Jacoby Shaddix and band always had a unique sound and voice which seemed to be under appreciated after Rock music lost its mainstream status.


Check out the below playlist ‘Papa Roach 101’ which is featured on our TW 101 playlists and follow me on Spotify for other playlists and random songs I put together.

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