The Story of my First and Probably Last Tattoo

Friday, 22 September 2017 343 Views 0 Comments

After 30.5 years, I finally grew a pair a decided to get a tattoo. I have always been interested in getting one since I was 16 but never knew exactly what I wanted or where to put it. Getting that first tattoo is a big choice as it’s pretty permanent and a symbol you will carry around no matter what you do. After watching the whole process for the first time with the girlfriend getting the same design on her ankle, I decided I was ready to go thru the pain and see how what this tattoo hype was all about.


Getting in the room and prepping for it makes it so much more intense than actually starting the work. I decided to get mine under my right wrist as it is a bear paw. The tattoo artist named Brad started and the pain was actually bearable at first. My left hand was holding onto the bench clinching the material as he hit some sensitive spots. The further down he went on my wrist with that tattoo gun though, the more annoying the feeling was. The pain got to the point I had to bite down but knew he was almost done and I could hold on for another few minutes until it was finished. It was getting to the bottom of the tattoo, hurting and finally was done. I don’t know anything about pressure points or sensitivity but wow, the lower part of my forearm was so sensitive and it was really tough to keep still for the bottom portion of the tattoo.


The tattoo artist started to clean it up, wiping off the excess ink and I could feel the adrenaline rush coming and I called it out…


Next thing that happen, well i’m not sure. I was out cold, snoring and apparently not breathing anymore. That lasted a few minutes until I woke up. As I was fading in all I could hear is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones and that was trippy with a slowed down version until I was fully consensus. For however few minutes I was out, that was the best sleep of my life for the longest time I could remember. I felt rested and wide awake though I was shaky but felt ok and was just happy I passed out after the tattoo was completed. There were some concerned faces looking at me, the girlfriend’s face was scared and white and other people were just watching wondering what happened. They brought me water and chocolate to get me back to normal and while I was jittery, I felt fine.


Needless to say, my first tattoo experience was not how I planned it to go but I made it through the whole quick process. They always say Adrenaline is one hell of a drug and I agree. It felt like I was walking into a hot tub though I was sitting down and could feel the rush come from my legs upwards. Would I get another tattoo? I don’t think i’m allowed anymore though i’m not sure I would attempt it and see if I repeat the same reactions. The tattoo now has so much meaning though, from getting the same one with the Girlfriend to my whole war story with an adrenaline rush which I lost. I can now say, I have a tattoo that i’m proud to show and tell everyone my story.

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