Viral Video ‘Europe is Impressive’ is so Woah

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 206 views 0 comments

Have you ever wanted to travel through Europe and see all the historical sites and beautiful cultures though never got around to doing so? Did you go on a trip and have your camera lost or stolen and wish you had those memories back from your last trip to Europe. Well this YouTube user solves both problems as he goes through all the must see places in Europe while saying or whispering ‘woah’. You see images of Spain, Italy and some other european countries all for a brief second and you see or hear our YouTube tour guide saying woah next to each one. It’s really shocking to think someone else hasn’t thought of this yet. No wonder this video is going viral.


This is like the perfect YouTube video to show your family after you are back from vacation and you are tired of telling the same stories over and over. Just get everyone in a room, plug in your chromecast and load up your video. We are pretty sure they would laugh but at the same time appreciate all the sights in the clip. The video titled ‘Europe is Impressive’ is a minute long and you get to see 59 different location that many people can only dream of visiting.


With over 250k views in a week, this video can be either a good way to plan what you would like to see if ever visiting these areas or a good way to daydream of the places you’ve already been. Credit to Nathan Nannenga for making his summer trip turn viral and getting some great hits from it. How he got this idea, who knows but as simple as it looks, it had to take some serious dedication to complete it all the way through. So sit back and get ready to …Woah….

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