AIM Gets Put To Rest

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AIM Gets Put To Rest

One of the world’s most famous Instant messengers AOL Instant Messengers or AIM is going to be shut off on December 15th. AIM was one of the bigger desktop instant messengers in the late 90’s and early 2000’s but like many of its rivals, was never able to adapt in the mobile landscape. Much like ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, as soon as options like Google Chat, WhatsApp and even text messages became mainstream, they were no longer viable messenger options. The world of Desktop IMs were too stuck to their wired machines to realize the world is was changing and now AIM is no longer needed.

Back in 1997, the world was dependent on traditional land lines, or as we called them, house phones. Emails were becoming more mainstream but they were nowhere near instant. Services like AOL, MSN and Yahoo seen that as an opportunity to make a brand name for themselves and released their own dedicated IMs. All 3 IMs had their dedicated users and every teen probably had an account on all 3 messengers. Status updates, group chats and web based games blew up with messenger services as the thought of instant communication that no one was monitoring was a new concept.

The days of the little dancing man are over. Maybe if the AOL put an emoticon on top of him, they could have bought some more hipper users but hey, lesson learned. MSN turned into Skype and Yahoo has turned off their service so kudos to AIM for lasting this long. It’s always sad to see something you connected to (literally) disappear. Just every time we think of AIM for some random reason all we can hear is “you’ve got mail”.

If you still remember your username, tweet us with it and share in the embarrassment of what you use to alias yourself as a teenager. RIP AIM.

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