Katy Perry 101 – Why She’s The Queen of Pop!

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Katy Perry 101 – Why She’s The Queen of Pop!

It’s time to add some pop music into our TW 101 playlists. When you want to add some overplayed radio tunes into a playlist, there’s only one lady who can lead that charge. She’s really the whole package as she knows how to sing, knows how to write, and is probably one of the sexiest singers known to man. So who’s 11 songs are we playing? Well some may know her as Katheryn Hudson, though most of us know her as Katy Perry! Who would have thought that this pop goddess was the perfect package, ok a lot of us.


Katy Perry started out as a gospel singer under the name Kate Hudson. After things were not taking off as quick as she would like, she signed under a new label and became the global icon that we know now as the bubbly Katy Perry. At the age of 32, she has 5 albums sold well over 100 million albums and streamed well over 90 million times, this is the perfect time to put together her top 11 songs we love. These 11 songs are hers though we could almost make a playlist of songs that were written about her, good or bad.


Who knows what is next for Katy Perry as she has moved away from the Pop Icon and taken a bigger step into politics and activism. It seems to be what all the stars are doing that have millions of followers on Social Media these days. We will never forget those first few songs though like I Kissed a Girl (Hint: Watch the video and see Kesha in there) and Hot n Cold. Since then her music videos have been amazing though we’re still not sure how we feel about the short hair.


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