Ken Block goes ClimbKhana – A New Twist

Tuesday, 03 October 2017 271 views 0 comments

What do you get when you mix Ken Block, Pikes Peak and a 1400 HP Mustang? Well how about another awesome YouTube Video of Ken Block drifting his way to the top of trending videos. With 156 turns on the course and the countless extra spins round blocks and helicopters, the video goes back to basic drifting. A public road that’s closed down to let Ken Block mark it up with some serious rubber marks while he goes to the top of the elevation of over 14000 feet. Some of the footage is just spectacular and might make you wonder how they were able to get some nice footage just using GoPros.

At the 5:17 mark where the back tires of the AWD beast called the Hoonicorn V2 hits the edge of the cliff and see the cloud of dirt spit out from under the Toyo tires, makes this video such a great watch. This is such a great use of Gopros and twin turbos to make everyone want to try and drift this classical route. Check out the clip above and get ready to jump in your car and wish you could make your tires spin enough to even get some white smoke going. You’ll join the 6.5 million views already and counting. You could always than search for more Ken Block videos and see the magic he works when behind the wheel of his Fords.

The 1965 Ford Mustang is a special car with how it’s built out as it one of two Mustangs that are actually AWD. Though while preparing for this video, Ken Block used his Ford Focus RS to get a feel for the route. This is a more realistic car for the everyday guy though is considered the ultimate hatchback at the moment. Where it’s the Hoonicorn Mustang or Ford Focus RS, Ford Performance is well on display here.

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