Netflix and Marvel use The Punisher to Take Aim At Box Office

Thursday, 19 October 2017 203 views 0 comments

Marvel and Netflix are up to it again! Netflix released the latest Trailer for the upcoming Marvel series ‘The Punisher’ today and finally settled on a release date on November 17th for the show. This is the perfect time to release the show for Bingers as it’s a week before thanksgiving and many fans will have some extra time to finish the series. The Punisher has plenty of hype around it, good and bad, right now and the show is going to draw attention which is exactly what Netflix and Marvel want on that weekend. Did we mention that November 17th is also the release date of DC’s Justice League?

This might be a win/win situation for Netflix and Marvel as Marvel is looking to push its own content on a day DC is looking for a major win. Netflix is hoping this works as well as they want to prove how they can impact Box Office figures with their own shows. A monthly subscription is a lot cheaper than movie tickets and snacks on any given week. There is no doubt that Justice league will pull in big numbers but the question is going to loom, what if The Punisher was released on another week?

A lot of major Cinema changes are reporting losses and even IMAX revenues are down year over year. Sure the movies this summer were not the greatest but there’s always those crowds that will watch movies just for something to do. 2017 also looks to be the first year that streaming services like Apple, Google and Netflix will have sales that surpass the box office by almost $2 billion. The days of home entertainment and setups rule over crowded theaters and you cannot blame them.

Check out the Punisher Trailer above and when you’re watching it at home in November, just think to yourself, well played Netflix, Well Played!

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