Sears Wish Book Runs Out Of Wishes

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Sears Wish Book Runs Out Of Wishes

The news broke today that Sears Canada will start their liquidations on Oct 19th, 2017 and close all remaining stores by Jan 21st, 2018. This is a sad day as 12,000 employees will lose their jobs and a staple of department stores will close its doors. This news is also saddening as we have probably seen the last Sears Wish Book mailed and delivered. Anyone could probably think of a time as a child, where they circles items that they wanted Santa to bring them inside this holiday catalog growing up. This holiday staple will be missed as it’s a holiday tradition that now ends without one final collector’s edition.

Sears built its name by being a mail order catalogue and could be considered the Amazon of the 1900. They opened their first retail store in 1925 and have been a staple in malls across north america for years. The first Sears Wish Book was released in 1933 and became a tradition for many households. Going through the first few pages which showed gift ideas within certain price ranges then skip to the back to go through all the toys and circle which one then wanted santa to buy.

Like many other companies, Sears did not adapt fast enough for ecommerce to help carry the brand into this new age. Though they were probably one of the first to offer mail service then moving into retail, finding a way back into the online shopping and shipping just didn’t work for them. Sears had an horrible website for the longest time and only recently had made updates to make it more user friendly. Even the Wish Book didn’t have its own space for the longest time where Sears could have made this a whole site on its own for ordering during the holidays and even extending it out to other seasons. Everyone needs a good gift guide and now the original one is being retired. If you still have your copy from last year, hold onto it and keep it in good condition. One day you will look back and remember the name Sears.

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