2017 Black Friday Guide

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2017 Black Friday Guide

It’s that time of the year again when people prepare for a quick holiday meal with the family so they can rush out the door to try and get some sweet deals on all the stuff they really want for Christmas. Black Friday is days away and for some this is a holiday tradition while for others, this is a whole new experience. We put together some tips to help you prep for Black Friday and to help make sure you don’t get trampled. It’s not really going to happen, as long as you follow our 2017 Black Friday Guide!

Tame your expectations

You always hear about the stories on how people saved 70%-80% off on items during the Black Friday sales. Yes this is true you will find items that are discounted by this percentage but this might not be the case on items you are looking for. There are sites out there that will help you see what is on sale but just keep in mind that most of the good sales are going to be on random items throughout the store.

Patience pays off

Talking about sales, if you want the big ticket items then get ready to wait. They are called door crashers for a reason and you will have to wait in line to figure out if you’ll be lucky enough to get something. This is where the cheap TVs into play, prepare to wait 2-3 hours before the doors open if you’re looking to score something on that much discounted. Prepare yourself with bringing something to drink and maybe some good company to help pass the time, just make sure you make it clear who gets what if a limited supply happens to reach you.

Prepare for a long day

So as you can guess, waiting in line for 2-3 hours until the doors open is just the start of your day. Stores open around supper time thursday night and you can find shopping until 9pm friday night! Thats right, almost 27 hours worth of shopping so make sure you prepare for a long day. Get some rest as there is nothing open the day of thanksgiving so you really do not have an excuse to leave the house. Wear some good shoes and eat plenty so you can shop for those deals for plenty of hours. This point may seem a little pointless but once you’re in the mix of shoppers and 5 hours goes by like nothing then you will see why we brought it up.

Have a game plan

It’s always a good idea to have a game plan as to which stores you want to visit as well as what you want to buy. This will help you cut down on wasted time going in and out of stores where there’s nothing you really want. There are plenty of sites out there that will post the Black Friday flyers weeks ahead of time so you can plan ahead for your long day of shopping. The only thing you will be missing is that new TV when they run out. What we suggest is looking for the bigger items you might be interested where they offer gift cards with the purchase so you can consider it christmas shopping.

Make sure it’s not an impulse buy

When you’re planning that list, make sure it’s something you are going to use and not something you just want to because it’s a great sale. Sure you can spend some money to buy something but are you really going to use it? All the stores want you to buy without thinking but make sure you make the best purchase during your holiday shopping spree!

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