Mcdonalds Parmesan and Garlic Fries – Spicing Up Those Golden Fries

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Mcdonalds Parmesan and Garlic Fries – Spicing Up Those Golden Fries

Just when you thought McDonald’s Fries couldn’t get any better, they step up their game for the holidays. McDonald’s released their Parmesan and Garlic fries as part of their 2017 holiday menu and the world stopped to think how they would taste. It’s not that often Mcdees would mess with such a signature item on their menu but let’s be honest, we could all use a little extra spice this holiday season. Of course I had to try them out to see what the hype was about and marketing products like this never stay around that long. I went to my local McDonalds to order some garlic and Parmesan fries to see if I’d throw out the order or enjoy them so much I’d want more.

Once placing the order, it was clear this was the first time they must have been ordered as the worker preparing the fries had no idea how to make them. It was a mix of garlic oil and a powder that was put into fresh fries and served in a box. Your best bet is to eat them with a fork as well as they are messy. The order probably has less fries than a medium order but hey I might be only trying this once.

Ok enough suspense, the fries actually tasted really good and remind me of potatoes and garlic cause you would get at a lebanese restaurant. They were all garlic with some extra flavour at the end that you know you are going to burp up regardless of what you eat next. They are a little strong on the flavour side so some may be turned off by these fries. It’s only going to be on the menu for a limited time and really I could see people ordering them 2-3 visits to McDonald’s before getting sick of them and wanting their classic fries back.

McDonald’s Parmesan and Garlic fries are really worth a shot if you’re big on garlic. For others it might be a turnoff but how often do you hear of McDonald’s trying something new with their fries. Check them out soon before they’re gone at least once though! I’m sure you’re next burp afterwards will thank you.

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