2 Weeks with the iPhone X – Thoughts and Feelings about Apple’s Latest and Greatest

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2 Weeks with the iPhone X – Thoughts and Feelings about Apple’s Latest and Greatest

I wasn’t too sure if I was going to get Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone X this year. I won’t lie, the change from fingerprint reader to FaceID was the biggest turn off. Samsung and others have tried to make this work in the past and I was afraid it would be just as bad as previous attempts at using your mug as a password. As the holidays rolled around, I figured id treat myself to the iPhone after hearing some positive feedback about the iPhone X. After dishing out some serious cash for the iPhone, it was time to load up the phone and prepare it for my everyday use and hopefully avoid cracking the front and back of the phone.


Right out of the box, the iPhone is a beauty and that is no real surprise. The iPhone looks really different with no home button and does take some getting use to. Apple quietly stopped providing a Sim card ejector pin in the box which is really odd. A paperclip will do to open the sim tray but for the price of these phones, does it really hurt to include the pin? Once I loaded up the phone, I used the new camera to take pictures of my face at different angles and had FaceID setup and ready to go. The setup process for FaceID is actually really easy and the rest of the setup process is everything were used to.


As its been 2 weeks with the iPhone X, there have been a few things different, for the better or the worse.The first thing is switching through apps as you no longer can push down on the home button twice. Now you have to hold down on the app and pinch down. Its complicated and takes some getting used to. To close apps, you have to do this then hold down until the red circles show up to close an app. Apple could take some hints from Android here and just allow you to swipe in a certain direction to close these apps instead of having to close them with multiple touches.


Another fact to get use to is apps that do not use the full screen size of the new iPhone. They will only take up the normal size of the screen and it’s sad to see not a lot of apps have converted over yet. Some older games are hard to play as your thumb pretty much blocks the front camera sensor at one point. Also to take screenshots now, you have to hold the power and volume up button. It’s odd but hey i’m getting use to it. Not to mention Apple now puts the network name, Signal and battery meter outside the notches and that will take some getting use to. If you use a VPN on your iPhone, You may not know its status right away as it hides within this area.


Now all the changes between TouchID and FaceID and the annoyance of them. Other than the obvious having to look at your phone to open it, there are a few other changes that suck. First is Apple Pay. Im so use to just holding my phone over the card terminal and hearing the beep from NFC. Now you have to look at your phone while you pay as FaceID validates you. I much rather just use my normal card now that look awkward and try to figure out what angle to hold my phone over the terminal to get my face there also. Then there’s the whole iTunes Store app purchases where you have to click the home button to say buy and then scan your face to confirm. This just seems like too many steps to buy a free app. It doesn’t seem like there is a grace period between app downloads where you do not have to rescan your face like they did before with TouchID or password requests where it would only ask after 15 minutes.


Overall, I’m happy with the iPhone X and what it offers. FaceID works maybe ~75% of the time and the only time it struggles is in the dark and the phone screen is set to a lower brightness. It even works with I have my sunglasses on which is pretty cool. I’ve yet to really take advantage of the wireless charging but that will be next on the list of accessories to buy or a USB-C to Lightning Cable for fast charging. Apple should have included this as an out of the box option but that is another story. I’ve yet to really drop the phone and I hope this continues to be the case but the phone does have some weight to it so you should feel where it is at all times. A case and tempered glass is a must if you want your phone to last the whole year, that is for sure. The phone is a little on the pricey side if you buy it outright but the good thing about iPhone’s is the fact they hold their value really well for when you’re ready to resell it next fall.

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