Best Western Plus In Manchester New Hampshire – Stay Away, Far Far Away!

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Best Western Plus In Manchester New Hampshire – Stay Away, Far Far Away!

When you look at staying at a Best Western franchise hotel, you know you’re getting for comfort and simplicity. There is nothing fancy about these hotels or special perks, just your room and the bed that you’re probably going to use for a night or 2. I’ve stayed at so many different Best Westerns all over North America and the Best Western Plus Executive Court Inn and Conference Center in Manchester New Hampshire tainted my views of the Best Western Brand forever. It’s going to take some explaining but our recent stay during the American Thanksgiving weekend was just a mess that was never taken care of by any managers. From the smell of the room, the pool’s chlorine levels being too high or the fact that they didn’t save the room we prepaid for months in advance are all the reasons we couldn’t wait to check out and never stay there again.


We arrived at the Best Western in Manchester New Hampshire located on South Willow St. at roughly 4pm on the Wednesday for our 3 night stay and as soon as we checked in, things were off. We had paid and reserved a 2 queen bed suite and when we arrived, were offered a king bed suite room. This wasn’t an option as we were family and wanted separate beds plus the extra room. We declined that room and they then put us into a standard 2 queen room. When we asked for the room we had paid for, we were told our reservation through a 3rd party site was booked wrong and was only a standard 2 queen room. We contacted the 3rd party site and they clearly said no this wasn’t the case and that they had the confirmation of what we paid for. They contacted the hotel and confirmed that they had sold the room we paid for and would have to get in touch with the manager to sort out the price difference. This room was booked through and they apologized for the inconvenience and credited us for the hassle which was nice of them. Best Western on the other hand, were getting away with robbery.


We spent the next 2 days trying to find a manager with no luck as it was the holiday weekend. We didn’t like this impact us all that much and continued on with our extended trip. The first night in the hotel, we walked in with some families hanging out in the lobby talking and playing cards. Our first thought was wow they are nuts cause with the pool and hot tub, why are they not taking advantage of them. Maybe they were packed and thats why? We went to the room to change into our bathing suites and hit up the hot tub that was located on the lower floor. It was empty, not one soul around but the smell of chlorine was so strong. We tried to get into the hot tub and after about 5 minutes, our eyes were burning from the fumes. This is why everyone was upstairs, no one could handle the smell. There goes that idea. The pool area was actually pretty decent and had a good setup compared to other hotels. They had a game room with your standard machines plus a pool table. Just the area was a ghost town because of the smell.


Now back to our wonderful hotel room. The room had plenty of space and the small refrigerator is always a benefit. The room showed its age and mostly with the bathroom area. The sink was located away from the toilet and it had the old bathtubs and tiles. This isn’t a bad thing just you can tell the room is aged and not too modern. The stale smell of the room could also show that people use to smoke in the room and its sticking in the carpet or wallpaper or ventilation. If there was no moving air in the room, the smell hit you until you became accustomed to it. This was such a great room we didn’t want to have to begin with.


We checked out of the hotel without being able to get a hold of a manager and just left disgusted with the service and attitude of the hotel. They pretty much got away with overcharging clients without any consent or recourse. We finally got a hold of the manager a few days after we were out of town, over the phone, and they pretty much gave us Best Western points to cover the difference in price but realistically this shouldn’t be the proper solution to the issue. They over billed us and would not credit the difference. Could we suggest this hotel to anyone? Nope not at all after all these issues. Would we consider staying at another Best Western hotel? Actually no we wouldn’t, not anymore. With how this billing dispute was handled, we wouldn’t be able to trust another Best Western hotel.

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