GoPro Has A Case Of The Mondays – Layoffs, Low Sales and Maybe Selling The Company

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GoPro Has A Case Of The Mondays – Layoffs, Low Sales and Maybe Selling The Company

I bet right now, GoPro wishes they had one of their little Hero cameras on them to watch the dive they took after some disappointing news. GoPro laid off 20% of its staff, 250 members, as well as announced they are exiting the drone market and are willing to sell its company off. Wow someone has the case of the mondays. This move comes after a disappointing year and reduced sales figures hit the company hard. The little action camera that could was a brilliant idea in the late 2000’s but now is nothing but an average camera that people realized they really do not need or have a need to update to the latest version.

GoPro Drone business exit is no surprise as the drone market as a whole has a limited audience and really isn’t that mainstream just yet. There is expensive cost to the drone and not to mention buying one of their cameras to attach to it. GoPro was banking on the Karma Drone to turn their business around as the GoPro Hero Session which was pretty much the size of a lens wasn’t able to gather enough interest at the time. Going smaller didn’t work for them, and going bigger did not either. There really isn’t a quick saving grace for GoPro but other than finding a way to get their cameras included into a mainstream league to have more footage and brand recognition.

With GoPro now being open to bidders, it will be interesting to see who has a taste for the company. These cameras could be good accessories for several other markets but the price of the company may come into play. There are no real action sports company in a position to make a purchase like the size of GoPro but time will tell. GoPro is just trying to make it through monday without any other casualties.

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