Looking For Water and some Caffeine? We Found Some Hydro with a Kick

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Looking For Water and some Caffeine? We Found Some Hydro with a Kick

How many times have you had the debate with yourself, Drink some Cold Water or wake up with some Hot Coffee and get your caffeine kick. It’s always a battle what to drink to help make you feel hydrated and rejuvenated. Water is great for you and all but sometimes you just need that little kick that water cannot provide, until now that is. While searching the Internet, we found a new solution to this problem where you can drink some mineral water and get your caffeine kick, welcome Black Insomnia ‘Hydro’ Mineral Water!

Ok sure the bottle looks cool and is probably what caught our eyes but imagine having a sparkling water and also getting an energy boost like you were having a coffee or energy drink. According to their Amazon listing, each bottle has 100mg of Caffeine. That is about triple of what a normal can of Pop would have! Talk about getting your water and a kick in the ass. Trying to figure out why this company Black Insomnia is making water with some of the worlds favorite legal drug? Well that is what they are known for.

Black Insomnia makes some of the strongest coffee on the market and has double the daily recommended dose of Caffeine according to the FDA. They want to get you wired no matter if you’re drinking water or coffee. It’s probably smart not to mix the two either. We are going to put an order in for some of this water and see if it lives up to the hype! If you check out their website, they have a bunch of products for coffee lovers and even their own mug. This is great brand looking to make coffee interesting again and not just a jug in a supermarket aisle mixed in with 10 other types of the same thing!

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