Retro Toys That Need To Make A Comeback!

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Retro Toys That Need To Make A Comeback!

With Retro toys being all the rage these days, it made us wonder what will be next. Items from our past like Super Nintendo and Tamagotchis have all made a return so what toys from your childhood would you like to see make a comeback. We racked our brains and came up with the 3 toys we would wait in line for even if this bomb cyclone keeps hitting us.


Home Alone 2 – TalkBoy

Home Alone Talk Boy


When Home Alone 2 came out in theaters, every kid wanted a Talkboy to cause just as much trouble as Kevin McCallister did. Once your parents broke and bought you one of these toy tape recorders, you then hit your local dollar store to buy as many blank tapes as you could. These were the Blank CDs of the 1990s. As soon as you had your tapes ready to go, you had no idea what to actually record and the toy became useless quick. Could you imagine a TalkBoy with flash storage that you could use to record conversations or even podcasts? Its time!


Super Soakers

Super Soaker

Speaking of dollar stores, as kids we were so not impressed with the little squirt guns parents bought us. Then Super Soakers came out and offered pressurized water guns! This was such a huge things as kids but was limited in fun due to the size of your water tanks. There were accessories to carry extra water tanks because stopping to refill really ruins your fun. With more heatwaves coming, Super Soakers are due for a comeback and maybe add some lights or red dot sights for the fun of it.


Pogs/Milk Caps


Milk Caps


Everything is about collecting again and Pogs were just that. As kids no one really wanted to play the game, they just wanted the coolest slammers and pogs to show them off like hockey cards. With Fidget Spinners making a huge trend in 2017, all that extra useless steel in a kids toy box could almost be used as a slammer these days. Much like hockey cards, lets get Pogs back into the mainstream.


There were so many toys from the 90’s that could use a modern twist and make a comeback that is bound to happen. Much like the entertainment business where they are rebooting shows, its a matter of time that your favorite childhood toys are back on store shelves and you can finally buy them without having to ask for permission first. Other items we thought of were Moon Shoes, Game Boy Advance (Though we’re sure that’s coming) and even Laser Challenger. Have we missed any of your favorite toys? Let us know on Twitter!


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