Smash Mouth 101 – Remembering These All Stars

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Smash Mouth 101 – Remembering These All Stars

What a perfect day to release a new playlist then on a #throwbackthursday with a band a lot of people probably forgot about. Smash Mouth has gone on to sell over 10 million records over 8 albums though Fush Yu Mang and Astro Lounge were probably the biggest of the 8. Anyone that thinks of Smash Mouth probably remembers songs like I’m a Believer which was featured in Shrek and is a cover of the Monkees. We decided to get together the top 11 songs from Smash Mouth to get your nostalgia on for this thursday. Check out our below playlist on Spotify, Smash Mouth 101!

The 2 biggest songs for Smash Mouth had to be All Star as that video seemed to be on repeat when it was released. Featuring the cast from Mystery Men with the likes of Ben Stiller and William H Macy, the song was an instant Hit that carried them through 1999. The song would go on the peak at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #2 on the Modern Rock Tracks. All Star was the second single from the album Astro Lounge and Cant Get Enough of you Baby was the first single from the album and was the lead track in the 1998 film ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’. These 2 songs pretty much started to give Smash Mouth a following that would soon dissolve, much like the band.

After Astro Lounge, things did not get easier for the band as they were dropped from their label though they had some more hit covers. They would move to another Universal after being dropped from Interscope but would never find the same they had previously. Starting in 2006, members of the band just started rotating. It’s always easier to remember the past then try to keep going and this is why we put together these 11 tracks to listen to whenever we are in need of some Smash Mouth pop rock!

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