Spotify Testing Mobile Looping Videos During Songs

Saturday, 06 January 2018 191 Views 0 Comments
Spotify Testing Mobile Looping Videos During Songs

The other day I was about to start my drive around to do chores, I turned on spotify and noticed that a song had a looping video instead of the normal background. I was trying to concentrate on the road and on my phone to figure out if it was the music video or some other clip and sure enough, it looks like Spotify is testing looping videos. This feature isn’t on every song right now so Spotify is trying to make it worth you paying attention to the App other than closing it and listening to your music. There is one song right now in the New Music Friday playlist that has this feature and it lasts for the whole song. It’s an interesting concept,as long as its not used for Ads. This seems to be a mobile only feature right now, as the desktop version does not trigger any video clips.


Spotify recently announced it surpassed 70 million subscribers and is getting ready to go public with an IPO. This could be another feature it will use to help sell the service and could encourage artists to create unique content for the service to be showed throughout their song. Spotify keeps trying new things to bring in more users, much like the Stranger Things 2 soundtrack release where your desktop app would flip into the other side mode while listening to that soundtrack. Little easter eggs and features like looping videos will help bring in users looking for a different variety in a streaming app.


Spotify continues to grow though its still looking for a way to become profitable. Even with an increase in users, paying royalties is expensive and Spotify is probably looking in the red for 2017. In 2016, Spotify lost $194 million though its revenue topped $2 billion. Once the company turns public, everyone will get a better idea on how it plans to turn the company into a profitable media giant.

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