The future of Lighters – The Dual Arc Pulse Lighter!

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The future of Lighters – The Dual Arc Pulse Lighter!

Ok we’re all guys and always want to buy some cool little gadget that blows our mind. This is what happened to use when we first seen a video about Electric lighters. Wow they looked so cool with the pulse being visible from 4 coils and not having to inhale gas when lighting a cigarette or cigar. We just had to have one and ordered it from Amazon. Let’s first start by saying we have all different types of Zippos and bic lighters but this one stood out. The pulse lighter is something different you just do not see everyone using when walking through the group of smokers near a door. Welcome to the future of lighters.

We purchased one and the excitement level was so high we just couldn’t wait to get it. When it finally came in, it was like christmas. The Pulse lighter had came in a fancy little black box and had plastic wrapping all over it. We ordered the blue variant just to added to that pulse futuristic look. We just had to press the button and sure enough, the lighter came to life and the dual arcs were connecting to make an x. One surprise was the whistling noise that comes when the arcs. It is loud, high pitched and very distinct. We didn’t expect that but just adds to the experience. After a could of uses, we figured out that you should be putting the object you would like to light right in front of the dual arcs and as you inhale, you can see the pulses pulling to the object.After charging the lighter up, we were able to get about 2-3 weeks of use before the Arcs started to fade out and made us panic. Really all it was, was a dead battery. The Pulse lighter charges with your standard micro-usb wire so a few minutes of being plugged in is plenty.

This is one of those little $20.00 buys that you will play with for a week, show off then forget about. After a few uses, its just been sitting around in our room doing nothing. It is great to have but not being a smoker make no case to bring this around with us all the time. The only real 2 negative thoughts about the lighter is that the steel casing scratches and marks up real easy. Getting a matte color might be best if you’re a little OCD on markings. The other issue is you could technically light the Pulse Lighter when the cover is closed. There is no killswitch and for an item that makes sure to tell you to only light for a few seconds at a time, it would only make sense to disable use while the lid is closed. Sitting wrong and having this in your back pocket could lead to a hot situation if you know what we mean!

As a guy, these Electric Pulse Lighters a great little item to have and a ice breaker for any social situation you come across. Someone asking for a light, showing this high tech lighter just might make you feel like Tony Stark at the end of the night. Buy it, use it and try to keep finding reasons to use it.

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