Trolling Your Friends Birthday Present

Saturday, 06 January 2018 202 views 0 comments

Birthday presents are always something fun to give and something stressful to find. You never know what to settle on and always try to find that perfect gift. Sometimes you take the easy way out and give them a gift card to a big box store so they can decide what they want. Gift Cards are always an interesting take as some people see it as an easy way out. So we figured we would take the easy way out but wrap it up nice and tight so it was no where as easy to open. It took several layers of tape, an empty box and some time to make this wrapping something to be remembered. Thank you duct tape!


The video about is time-lapsed to show you the whole process of using Duck tape, Duct Tape, and wrapping paper to seal this gift card nice and tight. Sadly we ran out of Duck Tape just at the end so we figured to redo it with Duct Tape which made it look all nice and shinny. It turned out to be an awkward present to open in a restaurant but we well worth the 10 minutes it took to open. The next time there is a sale on tape, we are going to have to restock after this video!


Wrapping presents is also a lot harder then it looks. It gives you appreciation to your parents growing up and how they made your Christmas presents look so neat and tight. It took us 3 tries to wrap this properly but we cut out all the mistakes as we figured it was not worth the time! Also this was the first time we noticed a difference in the quality of the paper as it looks so abused by the time we were done folding and taping it up. Check out the above video and let us know of any other pranks you may have!

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