About TW

Toxic Ways is a guy’s lifestyle blog that features articles on subjects such as Sports, Movies, Music, Gadgets and everything else your average Joe might think of on a daily basis. Check back frequently for some features such as Podcasts, the famous Toxic Babe of the Week and some extra content that the guys might come up with when they get bored. Why the name Toxic Ways? There is so much hype about ‘Going Green’ that really this world doesn’t know what that means. Something we think is good for us today, will hurt us tomorrow. Toxic Ways is a blog that likes to live in the moment and be the one place where judgement doesn’t exist.


Established in 2009, Toxic Ways was meant to be a hobby for a bunch of guys who were tired of reading the same content on all other sites. The site started before the days of Smart Phones, Social Media and quick video content. Now Toxic Ways is back looking to return to the blog scene and make a difference by offering a different opinion on common subjects that guys discuss.